Bell of Life

"Bell of Life"

"Bell of Life" is an action aimed at encouraging pet owners to make their pets wear (at least while they are outdoors) a bell signalling their presence.
Scientific studies of the reasons of unnatural deaths among red squirrels show that – depending on the area of the study – from a few to over 30% of them die as a result of being attacked by a pet.
The solution of this problem is simple, cheap and known for many years and used by some pet owners aware of the problem. From our experience people who love their pets are usually wildlife lovers and, after learning about the nature and extent of this problem, usually join the action with enthusiasm.
Supplying the animal with a cheap, simple and esthetic device like the bell signalling the pet's presence makes it practically impossible for them to catch up with a healthy squirrel because squirrels are simply much faster and the bell makes it impossible for the dog / cat to get closer to a squirrel than about 15-20 metres.
Not only squirrels will benefit from our pets wearing the bell but wild birds as well will be warned in time about the pets presence.
We'd like to direct our appeal especially to:
  • Pet owners
  • Wildlife conservation organisations – especially to "red squirrel conservation" groups who for years being aware of the problem seem to ignore it[1] for unknown reasons – asking to publicise this action among pet owners.
  • Vets – asking to publicise the above action among pet owners
  • Wildlife journalists (or those who want to help raise the awareness of this problem and of the cheap solution that can be used)
  • Owners of shops with food and accessories for pets
[1] This appeal is directed mainly to representatives of organisations calling themselves "red squirrel conservationists". You are present in various media even a few hundred times a year. Is it really such a big problem to – after quoting "black PR" about grey squirrels – add a few words appealing to pet owners to make their pets wear bells signalling their presence? It won't cost you anything and statistically it will have more significant effect on reducing unnatural deaths in red squirrels populations than even a complete eradication of pox virus.